Brewers Digest Digital Editions

Brewers Digest has embarked upon the biggest technological change in our long history. We will offer the rich content that we've always been known for by employing the most modern digital technology. Our standard format is designed to be viewed on a computer using any modern web browser. Pages are configured in a traditional magazine format with facing pages, easily zoomed into for examination in greater detail.

That's where we turn tradition on its head with options for embedded hyperlinks that will send readers off to advertisers web sites or related stories in our publication. Audio and video of people, products, places and events can also be accessed from within our pages.

Brewers Digest will also be accessible on your tablet devices and your smart phone, reformatted to allow maximum usability on the smaller screen real estate of these handy tools. Click here for more about these mobile versions. Expect Brewers Digest to advance with modern techniques, adopting technologies that make sense as they arise.



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